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Writing Road Trip

Lisa Bullard

Just Another Roadside Abstraction

For this week’s writing road trip, I offer you texture. I aim for an abstract element of a realistic subject and use texture to add interest and suggest depth. —a quote that to the best of my research abilities I find attributable to artist Margaret Roseman. I liked the way the above quote spoke to […]

Lisa Bullard

Anti-Tailgating Measures

A few years ago, a country highway I regularly drive in the summer became part of a pilot program to stop tailgating. Large white dots were painted on the road, and new signs instruct drivers to keep a minimum of two dots between them and the car they’re following. Rear-end collisions are a danger on […]

Lisa Bullard

(E)motion Sickness

Most of my many school visits have been amazing, positive adventures (see my post titled “Traveling Like a Rock Star”). A few of my visits have featured minor bumps in the road. And one school visit—thank goodness, one only!—might be better described as a major traffic incident. It happened when I was still a “newbie” […]

Lisa Bullard

Focus Your Trip

When students set out to revise, a whole lot of different things will all try to grab their attention at once. Encourage them to focus their attention on a few key things each time.

Lisa Bullard

To Each Maker, Their Model

as often as I tell students that I prefer to wait until I can see the entire shape of a piece before I title it, there are always those who ask me—beg me, really—for permission to write their title first.

Lisa Bullard

Writing around Roadblocks

I’ve tried to create a stimulating atmosphere in my home office. Works of art by the illustrators of my picture books adorn the walls. I have a Rainbow Maker in the window. There are blooming plants and inspiring sayings and a basket of toys to play with. There are birds chirping outside the window (even […]

Lisa Bullard

Driving Miss Daisy

When I was a kid, one of my neighborhood gang’s favorite summer games was to “play chauffeur.” We’d jump on our bikes and gather for shoptalk at chauffeur headquarters (a.k.a. the middle of our quiet side street). Then we’d race off in different directions to pick up members of the enviably wealthy and pampered (yet […]

Lisa Bullard

Traveling Back Through Time

One of my favorite pieces of writing advice comes from author Faith Sullivan. I share it here for you to pass along to your students. When you are writing about a story’s setting, don’t leave the reader feeling like a distant observer.

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When I visited Los Angeles not long after the 1992 riots, a home-town writer told me a story that made me feel what it was like to live there in those uncertain times. His drive home passed a large police station. He was always on alert as he drove by; everyone thought there could be […]

Writing Road Trip by Lisa Bullard | Bookology Magazine

Fitting in with the Locals

The way we talk can be a dead giveaway that we’re from elsewhere—Google the phrase “pop vs. soda,” and you’ll find color-coded maps that divide the country like election night results.

Lisa Bullard

Driving After Dark

As an elementary school kid, my most vivid recurrent dream featured a road trip. In it, I’m in the driver’s seat, although it’s the car that’s in control. My two-years-younger brother and our two best neighborhood friends are also along for the ride. We are on a straight stretch of the two-lane highway that leads […]