Orange Omelet

Gen­nifer Chold­enko’s Chas­ing Secrets takes place in the late 1800s — this recipe is one that might have been served at a lun­cheon. From the Boston Cook­ing School Cook­book:

Orange Omelet

orange slicesIngre­di­ents:
3 eggs
Few grains salt
1 tea­spoon lemon juice
12 table­spoons orange juice
12 table­spoon but­ter (for pan)
2 oranges
2 table­spoons pow­dered sug­ar

Sep­a­rate yolks from whites. Beat yolks until thick and lemon col­ored; add salt, lemon juice and orange juice. Beat whites until stiff and dry, cut­ting and fold­ing them into the first mix­ture until they have tak­en up mix­ture.

Heat pan, and but­ter sides and bot­tom. Turn in mix­ture, spread even­ly, place on range where it will cook slow­ly. When well “puffed” and del­i­cate­ly browned under­neath, place pan on cen­ter grate of 350°F oven to fin­ish cook­ing. Omelet is cooked when firm to the touch when pressed by the fin­ger.

Remove skin from oranges and cut in slices, length­wise. Fold in one-third of the slices of orange, well sprin­kled with pow­dered sug­ar; put remain­ing slices around omelet, and sprin­kle with sug­ar.

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  1. Troy Benjamin April 18, 2020 at 1:48 pm #

    Where is the recipe?

    • Vicki Palmquist April 21, 2020 at 10:07 am #

      Our recipe plug-in gave up the ghost, Troy Ben­jamin. The recipe is back now. Enjoy!

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