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Quirky Book Lists: Classroom Pets

Thinking about adding a classroom pet? Read and think again!


8 Class Pets + 1 Squirrel [÷] 1 Dog = Chaos
written by Vivian Vande Velde
illustrated by Steve Bjorkman
Holiday House, 2012

Squirrel likes living near a school playground. He’s not so sure about going inside, though, especially when he’s chased there by a dog and all the classroom pets get involved. Each animal gets to tell its side of the story.


Arthur and the School Pet

written by Marc Brown
illustrated by Marc Tolon
Random House (Step into Reading 2), 2003

Speedy, the class gerbil, needs a home over Christmas vacation. D.W. volunteers to take care of Speedy. Surprises ensue.


Chicken, Pig, Cow and the Class Pet  

written and illustrated by Ruth Ohi
Annick Press, 2011

When Girl takes Chicken, Pig, and Cow to school with her one day, the three friends meet the class hamster. One of several Chicken, Pig, Cow picture books by the acclaimed Canadian author-illustrator.


Emmy and the Incredible Shrinking Rat
written by Lynne Jonell
illustrated by Jonathan Bean
Henry Holt, 2007

Emmy hardly sees her parents, she doesn’t like her new nanny, and she feels invisible in her new school. Then she discovers  she can understand the class pet—a rat—and everything changes.


I.Q. Gets Fit

written and illustrated Mary Ann Fraser
Walker & Company, 2007

During Fitness Month, I.Q., the class pet, learns important lessons about staying healthy as he tries to win a gold ribbon in the School Fitness Challenge.


Malcolm at Midnight

written by W.H. Beck
pictures by Brian Lies
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2012

Malcolm the rat is the new class pet at a school were all the class pets have formed a secret society, the Midnight Academy. When the Academy’s iguana leader is kidnapped, Malcolm must prove his innocence and disprove the Academy members’ belief that rats can’t be trusted. (There’s also a sequel, Malcolm Under the Stars.)


Missy’s Super Duper Royal Deluxe #2: Class Pets

written by Susan Nees
Scholastic, 2013

Missy wants to take home the class pets, but another girl, Tiffany, has already asked their teacher. Can Missy and her friend Oscar come up with a plan to make Tiffany change her mind? Book two in a series.


Smashie McPerter and the Mystery of Room 11

written by N. Griffin
illustrated by Kate Hindley
Candlewick, 2015

Hamster feet are creepy, and that’s one reason Smashie’s not a fan of Room 11’s beloved, Patches. But when Patches goes missing, Smashie suits up and with her best friend, Dontel, launches an investigation to bring the thief to justice.


Stop That Frog (Here’s Hank #3)

written by Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver
illustrated by Scott Garrett
Grosset & Dunlap, 2014

When the principal has to be away from school at a conference, Hank’s class agrees to take care of the principal’s special pet frog, and Hank is chosen to take the frog home for the weekend.


Teacher’s Pets

written by Dayle Ann Dodds
illustrated by Marilyn Hafner
Candlewick, 2010

One by one the students in Miss Fry’s room bring a pet for sharing day. And one by one, the pets get left behind. What will happen when the school year’s over?  


The Wacky Substitute

written by Sally Derby
illustrated by Jennifer Herbert
Marshall Cavendish, 2005

When Mr. Wuerst, the substitute kindergarten teacher at Merryvale School, drops his glasses into the frying pan one morning, he ends up wearing a dish towel to school instead of his scarf and he mistakes the class gerbils for fur caps.


The World According to Humphrey

written by Betty G. Birney 
Putnam and Sons, 2004

Humphrey, pet hamster at Longfellow School, learns that he has an important role to play in helping his classmates and teacher. First book in a series. 

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