Word Search: No Monkeys, No Chocolate

No Monkeys, No ChocolateIs choco­late, in any form, one of your favorite foods? Then you’ll be fas­ci­nat­ed by our fea­tured books this month. No Mon­keys, No Choco­late by Melis­sa Stew­art, Allen Young, and Nicole Wong is an excel­lent guide to under­stand­ing where our choco­late comes from (even if the part about mag­gots and ants’ brains is an eeeewww part of the process). If you love puz­zles and games, we hope you have a good time solv­ing this Word Search. 

Sim­ply use your mouse or touch pad to draw a line over your found words and the pro­gram will mark them off for you. Words can be found for­wards, back­wards, hor­i­zon­tal­ly, ver­ti­cal­ly, and diag­o­nal­ly. As you find a word, it will be high­light­ed on the board and it will dis­ap­pear from the word list.

Have fun!

Hid­den Words

Puz­zle by mypuzzle.org
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