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  by Maurna Rome I admit that I am sometimes envious of my friends who work in the business world and get to enjoy frequent dining out excursions during their lunch breaks. A 20–25 minute rush to digest school cafeteria food, microwavable leftovers or a brown bag sandwich isn’t the most appetizing mid-day meal experience. However, once a month I do get to enjoy a special book club of sorts, called “Lit Lunch,” with some of the most thoughtful, deep thinkers I’ve ever chatted with about books!… more ]]> 0 4261
Two for the Show Tue, 05 May 2015 12:00:08 +0000

  by Jackie Briggs Martin and Phyllis Root We both love finding forgotten treasures in the “removed from circulation” sections of libraries or in second hand bookstores. Some of these books call to us because we remember them from our childhoods: the Babar books written out in longhand, the Flicka, Ricka, Dicka stories about Swedish triplets, Marcia Brown’s Stone Soup.… more ]]> 3 4274
From the Editor Tue, 07 Apr 2015 12:30:59 +0000

by Marsha Qualey It’s the first Tuesday of the month, and all the Winding Oak bookologists are a bit breathless but happy to be opening this second issue of Bookology. We’ve been so gratified by the warm response to the magazine. Thank you. In this April edition you’ll find another Bookstorm™ at the center of everything.… more ]]> 0 3777
Literary Madeleine: A History of Reading Tue, 07 Apr 2015 12:00:04 +0000

by Marsha Qualey One of the great good fortunes of my life is that I’ve managed to create a professional life that requires I read a lot. Reading is a passion; the old bumper sticker says it all: I’d rather be reading. But I also think reading is an interesting topic. How and why do we read?… more ]]> 2 3767
Mother-Daughter Book Club Thu, 19 Mar 2015 12:00:23 +0000

by Melanie Heuiser Hill In a meta-move (we’re not usually so cool), our mother-daughter book club has started the Mother-Daughter Book Club series by Heather Vogel Frederick.  We read the first book last month and the second is scheduled for our next meeting. I’m not sure we’ll be able to stop there. It was good we held them until the girls were the age of the girls in Frederick’s first books—the timing is perfect now.… more ]]> 2 3351