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Kim-chee, a traditional fermented side dish made of vegetables, is the national dish of Korea.


Flowerpot Cakes

At a spring conference we organized back in 2004, Karen Ritz, author, illustrator, and baker extraordinaire, made one of these for each of our guests. They were a hit! We think they’d work well with a construction-themed party or storytime, too.

orange slices

Orange Omelet

Chasing Freedom takes place in the late 1800s—this recipe is one that might have been served at a luncheon.


Divinity Refrigerator Cake

In a 1954 cookbook, we found many recipes specific to the era and quite a few classics. In our Facebook poll, we asked whether you’d prefer this recipe or the recipe for Prune Whip. This recipe won!

Dinosaur eggs

Dinosaur Eggs

When you’re done with a day of tromping through the primordial savannah, on the lookout for dinosaurs, have some of these on hand for your avid dinosaur fans.

Garlic Beef Enchiladas

Garlic Beef Enchiladas

We’ve been fixing this recipe for more than 20 years. We had a friend who attended the Garlic Festival in Gilroy, California (July 24-26, 2015) each year. She raved about the garlic enchiladas she enjoyed there, so we adopted this recipe to celebrate the love of garlic. We hope you find it tasty.


Birdy’s Lentil Soup

Karen Cushman passed along this recipe from the Cookin’ Canuck with the note that it was just the sort of cold weather meal that would grace tables in the Catherine, Called Birdy world.

Steve's Spaghetti Sauce

Steve’s Spaghetti Sauce

In Leroy Ninker Saddles Up Maybelline’s favorite food is spaghetti. Here we share our best recipe for a savory sauce to top any pasta. Serves four (or one hungry horse).