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Oh_Prophecy Trilogy

Ellen Oh: Researching and Writing the Prophecy Trilogy

  Bookologist’s note: Last month we featured Catherine, Called Birdy and an interview with the author, Karen Cushman. In that interview, nonfiction writer Claire Rudolf Murphy asked Cushman about her research and incorporation of historical fact into her fiction. Continuing that exploration, this month Bookology visits with novelist Ellen Oh. King, the final volume of […]

Lowriders cover

Cathy Camper: Writing Lowriders in Space

Lowriders in Spacewritten by Cathy Camper illustrated by Raul the Third Chronicle Books, 2014 When did you first become aware of (or involved in) lowrider culture? Probably in the early 1980’s, when I visited a friend of mine who lived in the Mission District of San Francisco. There were a lot of lowriders in the […]

Lowriders cover

Raul the Third: Illustrating Lowriders in Space

   Lowriders in Space written by Cathy Camperillustrated by Raul the ThirdChronicle Books, 2014 When did you first become aware of (or involved in) lowrider culture? I feel like I’ve been aware of lowrider culture for my entire life. When I was in high school I would draw the type of imagery you might see […]

Karen Cushman

Karen Cushman: Researching and Writing

interview by Claire Rudolf Murphy Congratulations, Karen. Your first novel and Newbery Honor book Catherine Called Birdy is 20 years old and still going strong. The story still resonates with teen readers, especially girls, and is remembered fondly and reread by many readers who are grown up now. One such fan is actress Lena Dunham, […]

Chris VanDusen

Chris Van Dusen: Illustrating Leroy Ninker Saddles Up

  Leroy Ninker first appeared in Mercy Watson Fights Crime as the criminal. Did you consciously change his appearance for Leroy Ninker Saddles Up to make him a more sympathetic character? I’m not sure that I consciously changed his appearance. I tried to make him look like the same character. In the original series he […]

Katherine Tillotson: Illustrating <em>Shoe Dog</em>

Katherine Tillotson: Illustrating Shoe Dog

I have always been attracted by collage. In the past, I have enjoyed cutting up patterned paper and arranging the pieces in unexpected ways. The computer has made it possible to re-imagine the technique of collage. Now I am able to combine marks that would have been impossible to mix if I was working conventionally.


Nancy Bo Flood: Creating Cowboy Up!

When you conceived of Cowboy Up! was the poetry format a part of your plan? If not, when did that occur? I was standing next to the fence watching a young girl riding her horse barrel-racing, speeding around the arena, kicking up dirt and smiling from ear to ear. I thought, I want to do […]