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Lynne Jonell

A Bit of Noise

I real­ly do like the cof­fee shop for writ­ing. That lit­tle bit of noise and move­ment takes up just a lit­tle of my atten­tion …

Lynne Jonell

Bluetooth Guy

In which our mild-man­nered hero­ine is pit­ted against the dread­ed cof­fee shop Blue­tooth Guy…

Lynne Jonell

Does Research Count?

Lots of peo­ple ask me for advice on writ­ing.
That’s a hard one to answer. Writ­ing is per­son­al, and it’s dif­fer­ent for every­one. But peo­ple are curi­ous about my process, the dai­ly prac­tice of my craft.
They think that hear­ing about my process might help them in their own work. Maybe it will. At any rate, it is a ques­tion I can answer.more