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Coffee, coffee, coffee

drinking coffeeI’ve been spending a good amount of time in coffee shops lately, working. It’s ironic for me to be grabbing Wi-Fi juice in these ubiquitous icons of contemporary society—I haven’t ever tasted coffee. The whirring and smells and steam and dedicated caffeine hunters make it a challenge for me, but I’ve always been comfortable with xenobiology.

Seeking to relate my world to Coffee World, it occurred to me that coffee shops are missing children’s books. There are toys on hand in some places, but books are conspicuous for their absence.

How to interest coffee shops in stocking children’s books? Steve and I had fun during a long car trip coming up with remakes of classic children’s books:

The Littlest Coffee Drinker of All

Harold and the Purple Coffee Cup

Where the Wild Caffeinados Are

Blueberry Scones for Sal

The Chocolate Latté Wars

– Dinky Hocker Shoots Caffeine

Kitten’s First Mocha

and the book I would buy immediately:

Make Way for Barristas

I’m just sayin’.

How about you? What titles do you nominate as coffee-honoring remakes?

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