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Fairy Tales Can Come True

My Best FrenemyOnce upon a time, an author wrote three books about a fourth-grader named Ida May who had friendship troubles. One friend moved away, leaving Ida May feeling unhappy and untrusting. That story is told in My Last Best Friend. An intriguing and adventurous girl moves to town and Ida May is excited about My New Best Friend. In the newest book, My Best Frenemy, Ida May learns that friendships sometimes develop in surprising ways. Delightful books, being passed word-of-mouth among the elementary crowd.

But I digress from the fairy tale. One morning (last Friday to be exact), the author wakes up to discover that has placed an ad for its Kindle e-book reader in the New York Times. A full-page ad. On the back page of a New York Times section. Big, bold, you can’t miss it.

Of course, there’s a book cover on the screen because reading is what you do on Kindle and wants us to understand that immediately.

Julie Bowe lives the fairy tale

Julie Bowe lives the fairy tale

Here’s the fairy tale part. (or its BFF, the advertising agency) looks at a universe full of book covers and chooses My New Best Friend by Julie Bowe to display in the full-page ad. When I first learned this news, I thought … how lucky can one author be? They choose her book out of all those gazillions. And then I get it: My New Best Friend. That’s what would like the Kindle to be. Oh, that’s the message.

You know what? I think there’s more to the story. I’ll bet or the BFF has a reader at home who loves My New Best Friend as much as we do and that’s why they were smart enough to put this particular book cover in their ad.

My New Best FriendThe author, of course, is smiling. As the saying goes, “You can’t pay for this kind of advertising.” Really.

In this fairy tale, Serendipity smiles on our author, who chose to name her book My New Best Friend, never dreaming that choosing this title would bring her book to national attention in this way.

This is a fairy tale that leaves us all smiling. We couldn’t be happier.


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