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Free Comic Book Day

Free Comic Book DayTomorrow. May 1st. At a comic book store near you. Zowee!

Have you been made aware that May 1st is international Free Comic Book Day?

Fly like a superhero to this website for all of the details. You can enter your zipcode in the lefthand column to get a list of participating stores near you. If you’re looking for kid-friendly comics, there’s a listing by zipcode at

You do know that you can follow your favorite comic book creators on Twitter, right? @DennisCalero? @mouseguard? @smilinstanlee? @bradmeltzer? Some of the comic book stores will host the creators … check your local listings. Meanwhile, read a roundup on MTV’s Twitter Report.

On this day, more than 2,000 independently owned comic shops throughout the world will give away more than 2 million free comic books, all published and available only for this day. The comics will range from Toy Story, Shrek and Sonic: the Hedgehog comics to Iron Man, Superman, and Doctor Solar to cutting-edge graphic fiction for adults.

If nothing else, you can hang around and watch the fun. You’re encouraged to dress as your favorite superhero or comic book character. I’ll be donning my Amazonium bracelets for my own trek to our local store. Shazam!

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