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Gifted: Children’s Book-a-Day Almanac

Children's Book-a-Day AlmanacAnita Silvey writes, among other things, books that help us find good books. And not only does she help us find more books that we or our children or our students will enjoy, but she tells us the story behind those books.

Oh, what fun it is to know that Charles Dickens had to publish A Christmas Carol himself because his publisher didn’t believe in it.

Ho! Ho! Ho! for imagining a world without Captain Underpants because Dav Pilkey’s teacher told him “you can’t spend the rest of your life making silly books.”

Season’s Greetings! Where else would you learn that Walter R. Brooks, author of the beloved Freddy (a pig who’s a private detective) books also wrote the short stories that inspired the TV series Mister Ed.

We need to know these things. They make reading more fun. We sound smarter when we talk to our friends. With our superior knowledge, we sound like heroes when we tempt children to read these books.

Trust me. Give this book to a teacher, parent, grandparent, or favored aunt and they will thank you. A smart choice all the way around.

The book’s available in paperback or e-book format and it’s an affordable gift. Perfect for a Secret Santa exchange.

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