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GravityWhat is gravity?

I have a notion (after many years of school) that it keeps my feet touching the ground. When I jump into the air, I am defying gravity.

What is Gravity?

A book. Written and illustrated by Jason Chin, who previously gifted us with Redwoods and Coral Island and Galapagos. He has a way of taking a BIG concept and explaining it so that it sticks in my brain. Part of this has to do with his awe-inspiring paintings. They are at once intricate and universe-encompassing. They are color-saturated and gasp-inducing while making us smile at the antics of one young boy playing on the beach and one group of girls having a tea party. The hard-to-conceive and the familiar help us comprehend.


“Gravity makes objects fall to earth.” Without gravity, life as we know it would not exist. No earth, no moon, no astronaut doll. Including the book itself in these illustrations pulls the reader into the pages.

The back matter continues the book, explaining briefly, with appropriately informative illustrations, how mass and distance and other factors act upon gravity.

Well done, Mr. Chin.

An excellent addition to your home library and primary grades where science has a growing attraction.

Jason Chin
Neal Porter/Roaring Brook Press, 2014

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