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Winding Oak's Bookology Magazine

Reading Ahead

How to Read a Story

We Didn’t Always Know the Way

by Vicki Palmquist A step-by-step, slightly tongue-in-cheek but mostly sincere, guide to reading a book, How to Read a Story by Kate Messner, illustrated by Mark Siegel (Chronicle Books), will have you and your young readers feeling all warm and cozy and smart. With advice in Step 2 to Find a Reading Buddy, we are […]

Under the Egg

That’s Some Egg

by Vicki Palmquist In Under the Egg, Theodora Tenpenny begins her story when her beloved grandfather, Jack, is hit by a taxi … and dies. Outside their 200-year-old Manhattan townhome, Jack whispers to Theo to “look under the egg.” Dealing with her grief, but desperate because she and her head-in-the-clouds mother have no income, Theo […]

Making History

Hands-on History for Spatial Learners

When I was in elementary school, I was never more excited than when the teacher told us we could make a diorama or a miniature scene of a pioneer settlement. The concept, planning, and building were thrilling for me. Even though my finished work seldom approached the dazzling display I could see in my head, I […]

Big Magic for Little Hands

Reading Ahead: Levitate Your Brother!

by Vicki Palmquist We recently hosted a Harry Potter party for adults for which everyone was asked to perform a magic trick. Some people fiercely addressed the challenge. Some people panicked. Some people bought a trick off the internet. I turned to Joshua Jay’s Big Magic for Little Hands (Workman Publishing Co). Citing all the […]