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Space Taxi

Space Taxi: Archie Takes FlightSpace Taxi: Archie Takes Flight
Wendy Mass and Michael Brawer, illus by Elise Gravel
Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

What a hoot! When eight-year-old Archie Morningstar gets up early in the morning for his first Take Your Kid to Work Day, he never imagines that his taxi-driving dad in their rickety cab is actually a taxi driver for the stars. The stars in outer space that is. Dad’s been waiting for Archie to grow up, suspecting he’ll make an excellent navigator like his grandfather before him.  It turns out that Archie does have the special skills needed to guide his dad to the next customer rendezvous.

Neither of them expect their first pick-up to be part of an interstellar gang or that the skulking cat with a green circle around his tail is really a … spy organization that’s fighting to save the universe? Indeed!

The first in a series of chapter books, this is a good choice for kids who like science fiction, adventure, humor, and gadgets. Great gadgets! This book appeals on many levels but most of all it’s fun to read. Highly recommended.

A second title in the series is due out this September, Space Taxi: Water Planet Rescue. Make a note.

(Note: My review of this book is based on an e-book I purchased.)

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