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What is there to dooooooo?

Toad Cottages & Shooting StarsIt’s after the Fourth of July. The anticipation of parades, fireworks, and picnics is a distant memory. Now summertime thoughts turn to … boredom. There’s nothing to do!

Wait a minute …

Here’s an idea … or 130.

In Toad Cottages & Shooting Stars (Workman Publishing Co), author Sharon Lovejoy offers sparks of imagination with easily-understood, step-by-step instructions. These will appeal to naturalists, foodists, and gardeners alike. Crafts, hiking, cooking, reading, thinking, and observing are covered with can’t-wait-to-try-this inspiration.

Subtitled “Grandma’s Bag of Tricks,” I’m using my reader’s license to give you and me permission to make use of this book without grandchildren. These are especially thoughtful projects and ideas for children, but you’ll enjoy them as adults, too. Parents, uncles, day-care providers, librarians, and babysitters will all shout “Hurrah!” for the nifty ideas. What would you like to try today?

Faerie House? Worm Hotel!

Snack Pots? Garbage Garden!

Fluffy Cloud? Moon Pizzas!

Mad Basket? Tokonoma for Two!

or my favorite, Moonlight & Eyeshine. I haven’t seen a night-time animal eyes guide before.

There are reading suggestions and conversation starters and fashion advice (“Outfitting the Little Chef”) … this book is irresistible.

Nothing to do? No more excuses!

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