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Lenski, Lois

Lois Lenski was born on October 14, 1893 to a Lutheran minister and a schoolteacher who raised their daughter in Anna, Ohio. Her third grade teacher encouraged her to draw. She traced flowers from seed catalogs and filled them in with watercolors. She copied magazine covers. Until she was fourteen she used a twenty-five cent box […]


L’Engle, Madeleine

Madeleine L’Engle was born on November 29, 1918, in New York City. Her father was a writer and her mother was a pianist. She grew up in an artistic household among creative people. The first book of science fiction I ever encountered was A Wrinkle in Time when my sixth grade teacher read it aloud […]


Lawson, Robert

Robert Lawson was born October 4, 1892. He grew up in Montclair, New Jersey, showing absolutely no interest in art. However, a class in high school sparked his curiosity and sent him off to the New York School of Fine and Applied Arts. In 1914, he moved to Greenwich Village, illustrating magazines, working on stage […]


Konigsburg, E.L.

From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler on our car radio, on a long trip with my husband. We usually talk a lot during our trips, but this time we were more interested in listening to Jill Clayburgh tell us a story, the story of Claudia and Jamie Kincaid, who ran away to […]

King of the Wind

Henry, Marguerite

Marguerite Breithaupt Henry was born in Milwaukee in April 13, 1902, the youngest child of a publisher. At the age of 8, she contracted rheumatic fever, which kept her confined indoors for several years. She spent much of her childhood writing and reading, and sold her first story in 1913 to a women’s magazine for […]


George, Jean Craighead

Jean Craighead George was born on July 2, 1919, into a family of naturalists. On weekends they camped in the woods near their Washington, D.C. home, climbed trees to study owls, gathered edible plants and made fish hooks from twigs. Her first pet was a turkey vulture. She began writing in the third grade and continued […]


Fleischman, Sid

Albert Sidney (Sid) Fleischman, born March 16, 1920 in Brooklyn, NY, and grew up in San Diego, CA. As a youth, he wanted to be a magician. After high school, he performed in vaudeville shows across the country, and had a book of original magic tricks published when he was 17. After graduating from college he […]


Field, Rachel

Rachel Lyman Field, who was born on September 19, 1894, was a well-known author of popular children’s books during the 1920s and 1930s.. She grew up in New York City, was educated at Radcliffe. In 1929, she was the first woman to be awarded the John Newbery Medal for Hitty: Her First Hundred Years. Both […]


Alexander, Lloyd

Lloyd Chudley Alexander was born on January 30th. He was reading by the time he was three, and always with a great fondness for mythology. He didn’t enjoy school, his grades weren’t good, but he worked in a bank to earn his college tuition. He dropped out of college after one term and joined the […]