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Lauber, Patricia

Patricia Lauber celebrated her birthday on February 5, 1924. She was born in New York City, but grew up in East Norwalk. Ms. Lauber graduated from Wellesley College. She published more than 125 books during her career, many of them about science, striving to “make science both an entertaining as well as an enriching experience for […]


Fleischman, Sid

Albert Sidney (Sid) Fleischman, born March 16, 1920 in Brooklyn, NY, and grew up in San Diego, CA. As a youth, he wanted to be a magician. After high school, he performed in vaudeville shows across the country, and had a book of original magic tricks published when he was 17. After graduating from college he […]


Dalgliesh, Alice

Born October 7, 1893, in Trinidad, Alice Dalgliesh was a woman of letters all her life. The daughter of a Scotsman and an Englishwoman, she grew up with Sir Walter Scott’s novels and her father’s stories of how “Wattie” Scott would visit her great-grandfather and sit in the kitchen exchanging stories. An avid reader, she started […]