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Skinny Dip

Brenda Sederberg

Skinny Dip with Brenda Sederberg

Brenda Sederberg is the current facilitator of the Chapter & Verse Book Club in Duluth, Minnesota. She’s an enthusiastic reader and wonderfully avid about sharing the books she reads. A retired teacher, she continues to inspire learning wherever she goes.

DeDe Small

Skinny Dip with DeDe Small

DeDe Small shares her enthusiasm about books, reading, and literacy with her students at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa. We invited DeDe to Skinny Dip with us, our first interview in the New Year. When did you first start reading books? I don’t actually remember learning to read but I do always remember having […]

Kelly Starling Lyons

Skinny Dip with Kelly Starling Lyons

You may know Kelly Starling Lyons for One Million Men and Me or Tea Cakes for Tosh or Ellen’s Broom, memorable picture books, but we’re celebrating her new chapter books starring Jada Jones! Thanks, Kelly, for taking a Skinny Dip with us in December. Who was your favorite teacher in grades K-7 and why? That’s […]

Sarah Aronson

Skinny Dip with Sarah Aronson

Sarah Aronson’s most recent books, The Worst Fairy Godmother Ever (The Wish List #1, Beach Lane Books) and Keep Calm and Sparkle On! (The Wish List #2) are at once lighthearted and serious—stories that are fun to read and encourage working for causes that matter to the world. Sarah is widely known in the children’s book writing […]

Mira Bartók

Skinny Dip with Mira Bartók

Mira Bartók, author and illustrator, recently ushered The Wonderling into the world and it is already on several best of 2017 book lists. Congratulations, Mira, and thanks for sharing your responses with our readers. When did you first start reading books? Age 4. All-time favorite book? The Arrival by Shaun Tan. Favorite breakfast or lunch as […]

Susan Yutzey

Skinny Dip with Susan Yutzey

Susan Yutzey worked as an Ohio school librarian for many years, serving in local, state, and national leadership positions. Now retired, she continues to be a tireless advocate for school libraries and librarians. Who was your favorite teacher in grades K-7 and why? Ms. D’Angelo was my seventh grade teacher. I was a new student […]


Skinny Dip with Anne Broyles

Author Anne Broyles is a world traveler, explorer, and social justice advocate who writes books about historical journeys, family traditions, and the immigrant experience.   Who was your favorite teacher in grades K-7 and why? My fifth grade teacher at Schumaker Elementary School, Mr. George Willems, encouraged me to think of myself as a writer through […]

Patti Lapp

Skinny Dip with Patti Lapp

A dedicated educator in Pennsylvania, we invited Patti Lapp to answer our twenty Skinny Dip questions.   Who was your favorite teacher in grades K-7 and why? Mr. Jordan was my favorite teacher who taught 7th grade. He was funny and straightforward; all of us students respected him, and he certainly kept everyone in line. I […]

Stephanie Calmenson

Skinny Dip with Stephanie Calmenson

Author of the beloved Dinner at the Panda Palace, Stephanie Calmenson has shared her love of literature with early childhood and elementary readers by channeling her enthusiasm for their experiences into her books.   Who was your favorite teacher in grades K-7 and why? I loved my kindergarten teacher, Ms. Cogan, who taught with warmth and joy. […]

Margarita Engle

Skinny Dip with Margarita Engle

Our current Young People’s Poet Laureate, Margarita Engle has written about the land, the life, and the heroes of Cuba, along with verse novels, picture books, and biographies of heroes the world over.   What is your favorite daydream? I love to dream of instant travel, like the “beam me up” gadget in old Star […]

Geoff Herbach

Skinny Dip with Geoff Herbach

Creative with many endeavors, including writing, teaching college students, theater, and being a dad, Geoff Herbach is stretching his wings from YA fiction to picture books! Who was your favorite teacher in grades K-7 and why? I loved Mrs. Fatzinger in 5th grade. She read books out loud to us every day right after lunch […]

Joyce Sidman

Skinny Dip with Joyce Sidman

From the first time, many years ago, that I heard Joyce Sidman read aloud from her poetry, when Eureka! Poems about Inventors was about to be released, I knew this woman carried magic in her soul. Working magic with words, writing about science and our very human emotions … Joyce has become a favorite author […]

Lee Bennett Hopkins

Skinny Dip with Lee Bennett Hopkins

You cannot be a part of the children’s literature community without knowing his name. Lee Bennett Hopkins has been writing for children and adults since 1968. His Books Are by People (1969) had a profound effect on me. With his anthologies, he has kept our eyes focused on poetry, knowing how much children love the […]

Cathy Camper

Skinny Dip with Cathy Camper

Are you fans of the Lowriders graphic novels? We are! And we can’t wait for the next one. The author who thinks up those great stories is Cathy Camper. We invited her to Skinny Dip with the Bookologist … and she said yes! When we asked her pointed questions, here’s what she had to say. […]

Suzanne Costner

Skinny Dip with Suzanne Costner

We’re thrilled to Skinny Dip with outstanding educator Suzanne Costner, Thanks to Suzanne for answer our questions during her very busy end-of-the-school-year hours. Who was your favorite teacher in grades K-7 and why? My favorite teacher was Mrs. Hill in 4th grade. She read to us every day after lunch: Stuart Little, Where the Red […]