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Lloyd Chudley Alexander was born on January 30th. He was reading by the time he was three, and always with a great fondness for mythology. He didn’t enjoy school, his grades weren’t good, but he worked in a bank to earn his college tuition. He dropped out of college after one term and joined the US Army, serving in Army Intelligence in Europe during WWII. Alexander attended the University of Paris. There he met and married Janine Denni and the two of them moved to Pennsylvania to raise their daughter, Madeleine.

His first book was And Let the Credit Go, published in 1955.

It wasn’t until 1963 that Time Cat was published, beginning his career as a children’s book author. In 1969, the last of the Prydain Chronicles, The High King, was honored with the Newbery Award. The author of over forty children’s books, he has earned the title of Grand Master of Fantasy.

Mr. Alexander died in 2007.

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