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All-Story Magazine

Changing Science Fiction Forever

by Vicki Palmquist In its October 1912 issue, All-Story Magazine published a short story by Edgar Rice Burroughs called “Tarzan of the Apes.” Do you remember the plot? John Clayton is born to parents who are marooned on the west coast of Africa. His parents, Lord and Lady Greystoke, die on his first birthday. John […]


Picture Books and Dementia

by Jenny Barlow We could reach her through nursery rhymes. She regularly sat in the living room, wrapped in a blanket in her wheelchair. To people who don’t understand, she would seem withered, vacant, even loose in the joints, and maybe very shabby. But we stroked her palsied hands and gently called her name. On […]

I Would Like to Thank…

The annual meeting of the American Library Association begins this week. The winners of the various book awards are no doubt eyeing the festivities with some trepidation because they will be presenting speeches. This has been going on since the first Newbery Award was presented in 1922. Traditionally called “Acceptance Papers,” the speeches are the bull’s-eye of events […]


A Few Favorite Fossils

by The Bookologist Here at the magazine we’ve been looking at a lot of paleontology lately, and we thought we’d share a few of the downright gorgeous or just plain cool fossils that sneaked onto our computers as we prepared this month’s issue. After all, who’s not a pushover for a pretty rock?   Photo CreditsIchthyosaur […]

Calligraphy sample

The Curious Child: writing and books

by Vicki Palmquist After reading Catherine, Called Birdy, readers will wonder about Edward, Birdy’s brother, and the books he was scribing at the monastery. In what type of book did Birdy keep her journal? Who taught her to write? Did she write in the same fancy script that her brother did at the monastery? Birdy […]

PFA For Celebrations

Two Birds from the Same Egg with Poetry PLUS!

(editor’s note:  In honor of National Poetry Month, we asked Sylvia Vardell and Janet  Wong, authors of  the The Poetry Friday series for a quick example of integrating poetry into the classroom. ) by Sylvia Vardell and Janet Wong We are pressed for time, so we multitask. You might be eating breakfast while you’re reading Bookology, […]

Animal Shenanigans

Teaching the Future

by Rob Reid I am fortunate to teach three sections of children’s literature each semester to future elementary teachers, future special education teachers, and future librarians. It’s truly a fun gig. I was asked by the Bookology folks to share those books and topics I teach to these budding professionals. I open each semester by […]