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Lynne Jonell


What else can I do when a book comes knock­ing, but answer the door and get on with it? 

Lynne Jonell

Cold. Hard. Facts.

Hav­ing received my agen­t’s let­ter after read­ing my work-in-progress, it’s time to assess some cold. hard. facts. 

Lynne Jonell

Two Questions

So I send the par­tial to my agent. Bless him, he reads it right away. No wait­ing and waiting … 

Lynne Jonell

What Now?

I’ve writ­ten 25,000 words of the new nov­el – and could­n’t be happier!! 

Lynne Jonell


Sketch­es are com­ing in. They are love­ly. But I also have some comments. 

Lynne Jonell


Inspi­ra­tion! It’s so won­der­ful when it shows up at my door. And it usu­al­ly brings its friends …