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Winding Oak's Bookology Magazine

Page Break

Lynne Jonell

Big Surprise!

Early in my career, once I got the revision letter, it would take me 3 MONTHS to move from fury to confusion to hope (and, finally, to revision).

Lynne Jonell

Revision Letter

At long last, the revision letter arrives! Lynne Jonell reflects on this part of the publication process.

Lynne Jonell


After a summer hiatus, author and illustrator Lynne Jonell is back with Page Break and she’s contemplating roadblocks.

Lynne Jonell

Miles to Go

Yep, I’ve completed the FIRST DRAFT, but the book isn’t done YET; there are miles to go before I sleep.

Lynne Jonell


The book is chugging along. Something happens when I get close to the end …