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Lynne Jonell

What Now? 

I’ve writ­ten 25,000 words of the new nov­el – and could­n’t be happier!!

Lynne Jonell


Sketch­es are com­ing in. They are love­ly. But I also have some comments.

Lynne Jonell


Inspi­ra­tion! It’s so won­der­ful when it shows up at my door. And it usu­al­ly brings its friends …

Lynne Jonell

Creativity Flourishes 

My cre­ativ­i­ty tends to flour­ish when I have a phys­i­cal challenge.

Lynne Jonell

Ultimate Power! 

See, I always thought edi­tors had ULTIMATE POWER!

Lynne Jonell


Yeah, so I’m a lit­tle grumpy. It took me years to tame my (admit­ted­ly mon­u­men­tal) author’s ego …

Lynne Jonell

Too Much 

So some­thing’s hap­pened. I’ve talked about the new book too much.

Lynne Jonell

Waiting for My Editor, part 4 

I’m not just being WHINY here (well, maybe a lit­tle). But I have a FIRM DEADLINE for the fin­ished book.

Lynne Jonell

Glory Be! 

Glo­ry be! I’ve sent off the revised book! I real­ly, real­ly like it. But will my editor?

Lynne Jonell

Writer’s Retreat 

After a peri­od of long, hard slog­ging … it’s a delight to sink into the peace and qui­et of a week away from it all.

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