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Lynne Jonell

Life Had Other Plans 

So, I was going to write yet anoth­er pithy lit­tle piece on pro­duc­tiv­i­ty, but life had oth­er plans.

Lynne Jonell

Productivity! Part 3 

Com­plain­ing about not achiev­ing suc­cess despite work­ing hard is like …”

Lynne Jonell

Writer, Know Thyself 

Aspir­ing writ­ers often ask about an author’s process … as if there is some mag­ic clue that will help them write.

Lynne Jonell

Wounded Feelings 

They’re a fact of life, espe­cial­ly for an author.

Lynne Jonell

The Joy of Bad Reviews 

Ah, the joy of bad reviews! Yes, they’re fun. But they take a lit­tle get­ting used to.

Lynne Jonell

Disruption. Alarm. Distress. 

Riot and destruc­tion at our nation’s capi­tol. Riot and destruc­tion in our nation’s cities.

Lynne Jonell


Christ­mas is a glo­ri­ous hol­i­day … but it’s a lit­tle funky this year. And I’m hav­ing a cer­tain amount of trou­ble focusing.

Lynne Jonell

So … COVID. 

So, COVID. Yeah, I don’t real­ly want to talk about it, either.

Lynne Jonell

Cold. Hard. Facts. 

Hav­ing received my agen­t’s let­ter after read­ing my work-in-progress, it’s time to assess some cold. hard. facts.

Lynne Jonell

Two Questions 

So I send the par­tial to my agent. Bless him, he reads it right away. No wait­ing and waiting …

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