Two for the Show

Not a Book about Bunnies

A Fun Rabbit Habit 

Rab­bits hop all through chil­dren’s books. And what’s not to like about them? We hope you’ll hop into the habit of rab­bit books this spring.

Red A Crayon's Story

Banning Books 

This month we had planned to write about sev­er­al books we love that have been banned, but we real­ized that along with giv­ing you a list of banned books we real­ly want­ed to write about the cur­rent tsuna­mi of book ban­ning in our country.

When the Babies Came to Stay Christine McDonnell

Library Love 

Libraries! We want to look at books about these mag­i­cal places, por­tals to our world, our selves, and oth­er worlds and selves we might become.

How to Write a Poem

Poets and Picture Books 

Poets and pic­ture book writ­ers both know the weight of a word, the sound of a syl­la­ble, the turn of a line, and they both know that every word matters.

Ablaze with Color

Art Will Out 

This month we have been think­ing about the mys­ter­ies of the visu­al arts — how some artists must cre­ate, no mat­ter the circumstances.

Trout Are Made of Trees

Sharing Wonder: April Pulley Sayre 

We have been think­ing about won­der — about the fas­ci­na­tion we have for the beau­ty, the intri­ca­cy, the mys­tery of the work­ings of the nat­ur­al world.

Shirley Chisholm Dared

Celebrating Black Women in the U.S.

We feel called this month to cel­e­brate the many accom­plish­ments of Black women in this coun­try — some of whom are his­tor­i­cal icons, too many of whom we have we have nev­er heard of.



Heard on the news: “No one wants to be a refugee.” Here’s a look at four pic­ture books that share the refugee expe­ri­ence with young readers.

Almost to Freedom

Vaunda Micheaux Nelson: Voices from History 

Books have been a part of Vaun­da Micheaux Nelson’s life since the day she was born. “My moth­er found my name in a nov­el she was read­ing,” Nel­son says. Books and fam­i­ly and his­to­ry form a thread through many of Nelson’s award-win­n­ing pic­ture books.

Sam and the Tigers

Julius Lester 

Julius Lester loved lan­guage and he loved sto­ry. Lan­guage, Lester wrote, is not just words and what they mean; music and rhythm are also part of the mean­ing.  Just read­ing his books for chil­dren makes us want to read them out loud to hear that music and rhythm along with his gift for putting words together.

Box: Henry Brown Mails Himself to Freedom

Carole Boston Weatherford 

Car­ole Boston Weath­er­ford has been writ­ing since she was in first grade. Her father taught print­ing and was able to pub­lish those ear­ly sto­ries. Weath­er­ford has writ­ten dozens of pic­ture books for young read­ers — and all read­ers. We can­not be exhaus­tive here, but we can intro­duce you to this won­der­ful writer.

Beautiful Blackbird

Ashley Bryan: Brave for Life 

Ash­ley Bryan’s life has been so full of mak­ing children’s books and there are so many won­der­ful children’s books that we can only call out a few — a few entice­ments, and encour­age you to take your­self on a won­der­ful jour­ney into Ash­ley Bryan’s world.

Max and the Tag-Along Moon

Revisiting the Moon 

A full moon on Decem­ber 29 end­ed the year 2020. New year, new moon, and we are think­ing once again about moon books – we’ve looked at some of these before, but good books, like the moon, keep com­ing back.

The Great Migration: Journey to the North

In the Neighborhood of Eloise Greenfield 

In this sea­son of gift-giv­ing we want to look at the gift of poet­ry, specif­i­cal­ly the poet­ry and writ­ing of Eloise Green­field. Since pub­lish­ing her first poem in 1962, she has writ­ten more than forty-five books for chil­dren and was the recip­i­ent of the 2018 Coret­ta Scott King Vir­ginia Hamil­ton Award for Life­time Achieve­ment. Her

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