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Giant Pumpkin Suite

Bookstorm™: Giant Pumpkin Suite

Competition is a part of young people’s lives: art, sports, music, dance, science, cup-stacking … many children spend a good part of their day practicing, learning, and striving to do their best. Giant Pumpkin Suite is about two types of competitions, a Bach Cello Suites Competition and a giant pumpkin growing competition. Rose and Thomas […]


Bookstorm™: Creekfinding

We were very excited to read Creekfinding: a True Story because it tells the story of restoring a long-ago creek in an Iowa prairie setting. Just imagine: bringing back the burbling waters, the fish, the insects, the grasses … everything that makes up the health and character of the land. It took bulldozers and determination, partners […]

Giant Squid

Bookstorm™: Giant Squid

Giant Squid provides an excellent opportunity to teach about one of the most mythical, unknown, and yet real creatures on earth, the Giant Squid. The incredible illustrations by Eric Rohmann help the reader’s perception of how large this deep sea creature is and how mysterious. Found so deep within the sea, there is very little light. […]

Presenting Buffalo Bill

Bookstorm™: Presenting Buffalo Bill

Presenting Buffalo Bill provides an excellent opportunity to teach differentiation between fiction and nonfiction, mythology and fact, as well as the discernment, research, and discussion skills that are naturally born out of this type of close reading. Buffalo Bill’s life and Wild West Show are exciting and the author makes them all the more vivid […]

Let Your Voice Be Heard

Bookstorm™: Let Your Voice Be Heard

Whether you include social justice, community service, activism, or social action in your curriculum or at your library, this is the ideal book for you. A biography of Pete Seeger, recipient of our National Medal for the Arts, and champion of the people for his 94 years, our Bookstorm this month, Let Your Voice Be […]

No Monkeys, No Chocolate

Bookstorm™: No Monkeys, No Chocolate

  We are pleased to feature No Monkeys, No Chocolate as our August book selection, in which author and science writer Melissa Stewart, along with Allen Young and illustrator Nicole Wong share the interdependent ecosystem that creates the right conditions for cacao beans to be grown and harvested so we can produce chocolate. This ecosystem is set in […]

Jazz Day

Bookstorm™: Jazz Day

  This month we’re featuring Jazz Day, a book that’s all about jazz and a photograph that recorded a moment in time, people at the top of their musical careers and people who were just getting started. Author Roxane Orgill is familiar with the jazz culture; she’s written several books about the music and the people. Illustrator […]

Miss Colfax's Light

Bookstorm™: Miss Colfax’s Light

  We are pleased to feature Miss Colfax’s Light as our June book selection, in which author Aimée Bissonette and illustrator Eileen Ryan Ewen tell the fascinating story of a woman who served as the Michigan City Lighthouse keeper from 1861 to 1904. Captains and navigators on Lake Michigan relied on her lighthouse to keep them from […]

Turn Left at the Cow

Bookstorm™: Turn Left at the Cow

  Who doesn’t love a mystery? Whether your find them intriguing puzzles or can’t-wait-to-know-the-solution page-turners, a good mystery is engrossing and a little tense. Throw in a little humor, a detailed setting, and well-drawn characters and you have a book you can confidently hand to young readers who are already hooked on the genre and those […]

A River of Words

Bookstorm™: A River of Words

  Author Jen Bryant and illustrator Melissa Sweet have teamed up on a number of picture book biographies about creative artists. We’ve chosen to feature their very first collaboration during this month in which poetry takes the spotlight. By telling us the true story about poet William Carlos Williams’ childhood and growing up, with his […]

Little Cat's Luck

Bookstorm™: Little Cat’s Luck

  Many people love cats. You might be one of them. Many children consider their cat or their dog to be one of the family. Marion Dane Bauer understands that. She wrote Little Cat’s Luck, the story of Patches, a cat, and Gus, the meanest dog in town, out of her deep affinity for both […]

Chasing Secrets

Bookstorm™: Chasing Secrets

  Don’t you love a good mystery? Set it in an exotic but familiar city like San Francisco at the turn of the 20th century. Create a main character who’s a smart and adventurous young girl with interests frowned upon during that time: science, mathematics, and pursuing a college education. Provide a family and friends who are […]

Princess Posey and the Crazy, Lazy Vacation

Bookstorm™: Princess Posey

  There have been many papers written about why children, teens, and adults like to read books that are published as part of a series. From The Bobbsey Twins to Nancy Drew to the Boxcar Children to Encylopedia Brown to Goosebumps to The Babysitters Club to Redwall to Warriors (drawing in a long breath) … […]

Firekeeper's Son

Bookstorm™: Firekeeper’s Son

This month, we are pleased to feature Firekeeper’s Son, written by Linda Sue Park and illustrated by Julie Downing. Set in Korea in the 19th century, it’s a book about an historic system of signal fires that served as national security … and one family who is responsible for lighting a bonfire each and every […]

Untamed: the Wild Life of Jane Goodall

Bookstorm™: Untamed: The Wild Life of Jane Goodall

This month, we are pleased to feature Untamed: The Wild Life of Jane Goodall, written by Anita Silvey, with photographs and book designed by the incredible team at National Geographic. This book is not only fascinating to read, it’s a beautiful reading experience as well. It’s not often that a book offers us a glimpse […]

written by Candace Fleming 
illustrated by Eric Rohmann 
Atheneum, 2015

Bookstorm™: Bulldozer’s Big Day

It’s Bulldozer’s big day—his birthday! But around the construction site, it seems like everyone is too busy to remember. Bulldozer wheels around asking his truck friends if they know what day it is, but they each only say it’s a work day. They go on scooping, sifting, stirring, filling, and lifting, and little Bulldozer grows […]

Chasing Freedom

Bookstorm™: Chasing Freedom

In this Bookstorm™: Chasing Freedom The Life Journeys of Harriet Tubman and Susan B. Anthony, Inspired by Historical Facts written by Nikki Grimes illustrated by Michele Wood Orchard Books, 2015 As Nikki Grimes writes in her author’s note for this book, “History is often taught in bits and pieces, and students rarely get the notion that these […]

Catch You Later, Traitor

Bookstorm: Catch You Later, Traitor

In this Bookstorm™: Catch You Later, Traitor written by Avi Algonquin Books for Young Readers, 2015 The early 1950s in the United States was a time when soldiers and medical personnel had returned home from the two theaters of World War II, Communism was talked about as something to be feared, and colleagues and neighbors were […]

Shadow Hero

Bookstorm: The Shadow Hero

In this Bookstorm™: Shadow Hero written by Gene Luen Yangillustrated by Sonny LiewFirst Second, 2014 As we become a culture adapted to screens, visuals, and moving pictures, we grow more accustomed to the storytelling form of the graphic novel. For some, their comfort with this combination of visuals and text telling a story satisfies a craving to […]

Scaly Spotted Feathered Frilled

Bookstorm: Scaly Spotted …

In this Bookstorm™: Scaly Spotted Feathered Frilled:how do we know what dinosaurs really looked like? written by Catherine ThimmeshHMH Books for Young Readers, 2013 No human being has ever seen a triceratops or velociraptor or even the mighty Tyrannosaurus rex. They left behind only their impressive bones. So how can scientists know what color dinosaurs were? Or […]