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Monjo, F.N.

F.N. Monjo Drinking Gourd
3 Kinds of Scared  

F.N. (Ferdinand Nicolas) Monjo was born August 28, 1924 in Stamford, Connecticut. His family owned the Monjo Company, fur traders in America from the time of the Civil War.

After graduation from Columbia University in 1946, he worked in editorial positions at several major children’s publishing companies.

In 1968, his first children’s book was published, Indian Summer. He won the 1974 National Book Award for Poor Richard in France. Today, perhaps his most remembered book is The Drinking Gourd, which was first published in 1970.

He and his wife raised their four children in New York City. His youngest son, Justin Monjo, found an unfinished manuscript of his father’s which he subsequently finished: 3 Kinds of Scared was published by Allen & Unwin in September, 2003.

F.N. Monjo died on October 9, 1978.


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