Charles Mikolaycak Captain Grey
Tam Lin Exodus

Charles Mikolaycak (pronounced “Mike-o-lay-chak”) was born on January 26, 1937.

“When I illustrate I am aware of many things; storytelling, graphic design, sequence of images and my own interests in which I can indulge. I never ‘draw-down’ to a projected audience. I feel children are most surprisingly capable of meeting a challenge and instinctively understand a drawing. Perhaps it will lead them to ask a question or wonder in silence—either will help them to learn or to extend themselves.”

His book I Am Joseph was an ALA Notable Book, Peter and the Wolf received a Society of Illustrators notation, and Babushka was a New York Times Best Illustrated Book.

You can study his working drawings at the Children’s Literature Research Collection (the Kerlan Collection) at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis.

Mr. Mikolaycak was married to Carole Kismaric, with whom he collaborated on a number of books. Charles Mikolaycak passed away on June 25, 1993.


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