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“All I do is write, eat, sleep and talk to my wife.” With over 500 titles to his name, Isaac Asimov, born on January 2, 1920, was very dedicated to his craft. He described himself as a diverse writer, writing everything and anything he could think of from straight science and children’s books to the science fiction with which many associate him. An avid reader of science fiction from the age of 9, he preferred writing mysteries. But science fiction paid more, so he kept writing it. It was a good thing that he did, for his work brought SciFi into the world of the ordinary. Many of his titles have been in constant print, a coup for any author, including the original Foundation trilogy. His first work, Marooned off Vesta, was published in Amazing Stories in 1939.

Immigrating to the USA from Russia when he was three, he followed careers in the military and as a professor of biochemistry at the Boston School of Medicine before becoming a full-time author in 1958. He got more verbose with practice: in his first 19 years he published 100 books, in the next 10 years 100 books, and published 100 more in the next 5 years! Hard to believe that with his active imagination he didn’t like to travel. He never traveled by plane and he typed all his stories on a typewriter. He died in 1992.

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