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Nina Bawden, born January 19, 1925, wrote more than 19 novels for children and 23 novels for adults.

Born in London and evacuated to South Wales during World War II, she lived between Cambridge and Norwich in the United Kingdom and in a house on the Aegean Sea in Greece. Her well-known books include Carrie’s War and The Peppermint Pig, winner of the Guardian Prize for Children’s Fiction in 1976. Carrie’s War received the Phoenix Award in 1993, an award given to a book that didn’t receive a major prize when it was first published twenty years earlier.

Ms. Bawden is a regular reviewer for the Daily Telegraph and a magistrate.

She says “I like writing for children. It seems to me that most people underestimate their understanding and the strength of their feelings and in my books for them I try to put this right.”

Nina Bawden passed away in August of 2012.

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