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Rachel Carson was born May 27, 1907 in Springdale, PA. During her life she worked as a writer, scientist, and ecologist. She received her love of nature and the living world from her mother. Ms. Carson graduated from Pennsylvania College for Women, today known as Chatham College. She received her master of arts in zoology from Johns Hopkins University.

Ms. Carson wrote many articles to teach people about the wonder and beauty of the living world. Two of her books are titled, Help Your Child to Wonder (1956), and Our Ever-Changing Shore (1957).

Carson worked hard to alert the public that we are one with nature and that there is a great need to work together. The chemical industry and government officials attacked her and called her an alarmist, but she continued to speak out. After a long and courageous battle with breast cancer, she died in 1964.

The Presidential Medal of Freedom was posthumously awarded to Rachel Carson in 1980. The following words accompanied this highest decoration in the nation:

“Never silent herself in the face of destructive trends, Rachel Carson fed a spring of awareness across America and beyond. She welcomed her audiences to her love of the sea, while with an equally clear voice she warned Americans of the danger human beings themselves pose for their own environment. Always concerned, always eloquent, she created a tide of environmental consciousness that has not ebbed.”

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