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Aiken, Joan

Joan Delano Aiken was born on September 4th, 1924, in Sussex, England, the daughter of American writer Conrad Aiken and Canadian writer Jessie McDonald Aiken. When Ms. Aiken was five years old, her mother divorced Conrad Aiken and later married another writer, Martin Armstrong. Joan Aiken’s sister, Jane Aiken Hodge is also a writer. Aiken […]


Adams, Adriene

Adrienne Adams, born on February 8th, 1906, was a dedicated illustrator, rising at 5 am to paint before she went off to her job as a teacher. Even when she became a full time illustrator in 1952, she still kept up that early morning schedule. In 1935, she married John Anderson, a children’s book writer. […]


Aardema, Verna

Born on June 6th, 1911, in New Era, Michigan, Verna Aardema received a BA degree from Michigan State University and then taught grade school in her home state until 1973. From 1951 to 1972, she was a staff correspondent for the Muskegon Chronicle. She knew she wanted to be a writer when she was 11 […]