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Born in Virgil, South Dakota, on January 6th, Vera Cleaver was a team player. After her first book, The Nurse’s Dilemma (1966), most of her magazine articles and 16 novels for children were written with her husband, Bill. They met when he was serving in the US Air Force and their life together took them far and wide–as did their stories.

Spending months discussing an idea and developing the storyline together, Vera then did the actual writing. Titles like I Would Rather Be a Turnip (Lippincott, 1971), Hazel Rye (Lippincott, 1982) and Where the Lilies Bloom (1974) are the result of their collaboration. After Bill’s death, Vera Cleaver wrote Sugar Blues (1984) and Sweetly Sings the Donkey (1985).

Not bad for a woman who grew up during the Great Depression and got most of her education from the Public Library.

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