Karla Kuskin So What's It Like to Be a Cat
The Philharmonic Gets Dressed The Animals on the Ark

Karla Kuskin was born on July 17th in Manhattan, NY. She had no TV, electronic games, or brothers and sisters to distract her. So, she spent much of her time at the library across the street or entertained herself with reading, daydreaming, writing and drawing. In college she studied graphic design.

She wrote Roar and More as one of her assignments. It became her first published book, followed by over 50 books, some in prose, others in poetry, and many including her own illustrations. She had two children, both of whom are photographers, and two grandchildren.

She lived and worked in Brooklyn Heights, NY, Arlington, VA, and Seattle, WA.

Her book Moon, Have You Met My Mother? includes a great autobiographical poem. The Philharmonic Gets Dressed is a particular favorite, filled with humor and music.

Ms. Kuskin died in August 2009, at the age of 77.

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