Anne Parrish  

Anne Parrish, born on November 12th, 1888, came from good artistic stock. Her mother was Anne Lodge Parrish, with whom this author and illustrator is often confused; her father, artist Thomas C. Parrish. But art did not come easily to her and she soon turned to writing, publishing her first novel in 1923. She fancied female characters and focused on the daily routines and relationships of ordinary people, often with unhappy endings. Her novel All Kneeling (1928) was her only bestseller.

She entered the world of juvenile fiction with her brother, Dillwyn, and together they collaborated on two children’s books. She later wrote and illustrated on her own. Three of these young adult books were nominated for the Newbery award: Knee High to a Grasshopper (1923), The Dream Coach (1924), Floating Island (1927), and The Story of Appleby Capple (1950). Ms. Parrish died in 1957. 

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