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Robinson, Charles

Charles Robinson was born on June 25th in 1870. His father was an illustrator and his grandfather was an engraver. Both of them were involved in the magazine and newspaper publishing business in London. In those days, illustrators handed their work over to engravers who re-drew each illustration onto wood so it could be used […]


Rackham, Arthur

British illustrator Arthur Rackham was born on Sept. 19th, 1867. He grew up as one of twelve children and trained as an insurance clerk. He studied art at night and changed careers after eight years of study. He began work as a full time illustrator for the Westminster Budget, a London newspaper. He began illustrating […]


Grimm, Wilhelm

Born in Hanau, Germany on February 24th, 1786, Wilhelm Grimm studied law at Marburg and then worked as a secretary at Kassel, where his brother Jacob was the librarian. Theirs was not an easy life. Because both of their parents had died, the brothers worked to support their four younger brothers and sisters. In 1812, […]