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Twain, Mark

When we think of Mark Twain, we picture tousled white hair framing a mustached face. We think of American heroes like Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer. We think of a man who worked as a riverboat captain on the Mississippi, a journalist who freely spoke his mind, and a traveler who sought life’s experiences in […]


Stockton, Frank

Frank Stockton was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on April 5, 1834. Does his name not sound familiar? His stories will. Well-known in his day as a humorist and short-story writer, he was also the assistant editor of Hearth and Home, Century Magazine, and St. Nicholas magazine, where he worked with editor Mary Mapes Dodge (the […]


Harris, Joel Chandler

Joel Chandler Harris was born on December 9 in either 1945 or 1948 in Eatonton, Georgia. At age 14, he took his first job as a printer’s devil for The Countryman, a local weekly newspaper that was published on Turnwold Plantation. While working there, Harris listened to the stories of the black slaves Uncle George […]