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Sewell, Helen

Helen Moore Sewell was born on June 27, 1896. Many will recognize her artwork from the original Little House books, some of which she co-illustrated with Mildred Boyle, but her career began much earlier. In fact, by age 8 she had already decided she was going to be an artist, and by 12 she had […]


Dalgliesh, Alice

Born October 7, 1893, in Trinidad, Alice Dalgliesh was a woman of letters all her life. The daughter of a Scotsman and an Englishwoman, she grew up with Sir Walter Scott’s novels and her father’s stories of how “Wattie” Scott would visit her great-grandfather and sit in the kitchen exchanging stories. An avid reader, she started […]


Cuffari, Richard

Richard Cuffari was born on March 2nd, 1925 in Brooklyn, New York. Cuffari won numerous awards for his artwork, even as a high school student, but his immigrant parents couldn’t do much financially to help him. After serving in the Army during WW2, Cuffari enrolled at Pratt Institute and graduated in 1949. Cuffari began a career […]