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d’Aulaire, Ingri Parin

Ingri Parin d’Aulaire (nee Ingri Maartenson) was born on December 27, 1904. She knew when she was very young that she wanted to be an artist and received encouragement at age 15 from one of Norway’s foremost painters, Harriet Backer. Ms. d’Aulaire studied art in Norway, Germany, and France. While at art school in Paris, she […]


d’Aulaire, Edgar Parin

Edgar Parin was born in Switzerland on September 30, 1898. He took his mother’s name, d’Aulaire, when he became an artist. Edgar was a pupil of Henry Matisse, and illustrated books in Germany and frescoes in Norway before immigrating to America in 1929. Edgar and his wife, Ingri, collaborated on a children’s book, The Magic Rug, at […]