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Zim, Herbert S.

Herbert Spencer Zim, born on July 12, 1909 in New York City, moved with his family to southern California when he was still quite young. At age 14, he returned to New York, earning his BS, MA, and PhD degrees from Columbia University. His primary interest was science. He taught science for more than 30 […]


Lauber, Patricia

Patricia Lauber celebrated her birthday on February 5, 1924. She was born in New York City, but grew up in East Norwalk. Ms. Lauber graduated from Wellesley College. She published more than 125 books during her career, many of them about science, striving to “make science both an entertaining as well as an enriching experience for […]


George, Jean Craighead

Jean Craighead George was born on July 2, 1919, into a family of naturalists. On weekends they camped in the woods near their Washington, D.C. home, climbed trees to study owls, gathered edible plants and made fish hooks from twigs. Her first pet was a turkey vulture. She began writing in the third grade and continued […]