Theodore Taylor Cay
Bomb Lord of the Kill

Born on June 23, 1924, Theodore Taylor began his career as a newspaper reporter at the age of 13, writing for the Portsmouth, Virginia Evening Star. He earned 50 cents a week. At 17 he moved to the Washington Post as a copy boy and soon found himself immersed in WWII.

1954 saw the publication of his first book, The Magnificent Mitscher, and one year later he went to work for Paramount Pictures, first as a press agent and later a story editor and assistant producer.

“I look back on a lifetime at the typewriter,” he wrote, “many typewriters in many places, and marvel at how lucky I’ve been. On those keys I have two-fingered sports and crime and love and death. I’ve pecked out books for adults and young readers, as well as scripts for radio, TV, and feature films. I’ve been so very, very lucky. Here I am, still learning the three Cs of good storytelling: character, conflict, and construction.”

Mr. Taylor died on October 26, 2006, in his “house in the woods” in Laguna Beach, California. He leaves behind more than 50 exciting books for readers of all ages.


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