Jules Verne Around the World in Eighty Days
Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea Michael Strogoff

Jules Verne wrote more than 80 books, predicted much of our modern world, and is credited as being the Father of Science Fiction.

Born on February 8, 1828, in Nantes, France, Jules Verne wanted nothing more than to be a writer. His father had other ideas. He gave Jules an allowance to study law in Paris, but withdrew the funds when he discovered Jules was writing instead. Cold, living on his own meager funds, Jules spent a great deal of time in the free library where it was warm. There he read books of science and technology, and wrote his first articles for children’s magazines.

The first book he wrote was Five Weeks in a Balloon. It was rejected unanimously as being too scientific and not exciting. One children’s book publisher decided to work with Jules, helping him revise the book until it had a good pace and compelling story line.

Alexandre Dumas the younger was his best friend.

Verne was shot by his nephew some years before his death; he never recovered from the wound. He died in 1905, much to the dismay of legions of fans the world over.


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