Maia Wojciechowska Shadow of a Bull

Author of the 1965 Newbery winner, Shadow of the Bull (1964), Maia Wojciechowska, born August 7, 1927, was an unpublished author prior to the publication of this novel about bullfighting.

Her family fled Poland, her birthplace, during World War II, spending some years in France and England before arriving in the U.S. after the war.

Wojciechowska worked as an undercover detective, a motorcycle racer, a translator for Radio Free Europe, a copy girl for Newsweek, editor, and a bullfighter in Mexico, before turning to writing. She was a friend of Ernest Hemingway and two of his wives.

In 1952, her first book for children, Market Day for Ti Andre, was published under her married name, Maria Rodman. She published 19 books in all, including an autobiography, Till the Break of Day: Memories, 1939-1942. Another of her novels, A Single Light (1968) was about a young deaf mute girl and how she finds a priceless statue of a child. A young adult novel, 2und Out, was about teens and drug abuse. Ms. Wojciechowska died in June of 2002.



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