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Essential Holiday Giving: Books

Before Morning

Hands down, there is no better gift for holidays or birthdays than a book. You can find a book to suit every interest, every taste, and your budget. You can always feel good about giving a book (unless you’re giving a gift to someone who lives in a Tiny House … ask first).  Here’s my [...]



I did not grow up in the south, but my parents did, so I like to claim a little southern heritage. When my kids were younger, I loved reading them books set in the south—willing into their souls the humidity, barbecue, iced tea with lemon, and accents that have the rhythm of rocking chairs found [...]

Feeding the Naturally Curious Brain

Science Encyclopedia

“You’ll discover mouthless worms and walking ferns … ” (pg. 13) And with those words, I’m charged up for the hunt. Along the way, I can’t help being distracted by a satisfying amount of irresistible information in National Geographic’s Science Encyclopedia. If you learn best visually, there is a surfeit of images to stimulate a [...]

Charles Ghigna, Champion of Poetry

Charles Ghigna

Our thanks to author and poet Charles Ghigna (GEEN-yuh) for taking time out from his writing, school visits, and conference tours to answer these questions which have been knock-knock-knockin’ on my brain since I first began reading his many books of poetry and, now, a nonfiction book about fascinating animals!   Do you remember when you [...]

Skinny Dip with Ed Spicer

Ed Spicer

For this interview, we visit with Ed Spicer, educator, author, curriculum guide writer, and ALA committee member many times over. Which celebrity, living or not, do you wish would invite you to a coffee shop? I would love to spend some time in a confidential, friendly chat with Michelle Obama. Which book do you find [...]

Driving Miss Daisy

Lisa Bullard

When I was a kid, one of my neighborhood gang’s favorite summer games was to “play chauffeur.” We’d jump on our bikes and gather for shoptalk at chauffeur headquarters (a.k.a. the middle of our quiet side street). Then we’d race off in different directions to pick up members of the enviably wealthy and pampered (yet [...]

Orbiting Kindergarten

Planet Kindergarten: 100 Days in Orbit

That lively, quirky-thinking duo from Planet Kindergarten have teamed up once again for Planet Kindergarten: 100 Days in Orbit. Many schools use the 100-day marker to reflect on how far they’ve come since the first day of kindergarten. Social graces, etiquette, mindfulness, assignments, singing, pledges … they’re all included in this new book. But the [...]

My Greatest Responsibility

Lynne Jonell

Lynne Jonell is feeling responsible. “The story comes timidly, like an orphan clad in rags, half seen in the shadows.”

Thanksgiving is a Good Time for a Book

Thanks a Million

As food is being prepared and family gathers, as food is being digested and some people are napping, as sports and shopping beckon, perhaps it’s a good time to take out a stack of Thanksgiving books to read aloud as a family.

Word Search: Classics

Invention of Hugo Cabret

This month, we’re thinking about the classics, both old and new. They’re books that easily come to mind when you think of the books that are beloved by many, many readers. If you love puzzles and games, we hope you have a good time solving this Word Search. This month, we’re adding an extra facet to [...]

Rosemary Shortbread Cookies


We recommend giving kids cookbooks for the holidays. Yumm. For kids who are inspired by relatives who cook, TV cooking shows, or their innate wish to make (and eat) good food, a cookbook will travel with them throughout life. (And it’s a sneaky way to encourage reading and math!)

Trailblazing Illustrator, Elizabeth Shippen Green

Elizabeth Shippen Green

Younger readers may not fully appreciate how difficult it was for women to break into the highly competitive field of illustration. For many years, men were routinely hired for advertising art, newspaper and magazine illustration, and children’s book illustration.  Elizabeth Shippen Green, born in 1871 and dying in 1954, was one of the earliest female [...]

Traveling Back Through Time

Lisa Bullard

One of my favorite pieces of writing advice comes from author Faith Sullivan. I share it here for you to pass along to your students. When you are writing about a story’s setting, don’t leave the reader feeling like a distant observer.

Looming Deadline!

Lynne Jonell

I have never yet failed to meet a deadline. But my greatest responsibility is …

Tucked In for the Winter

Sleep Tight Farm

Every detail in this book is heartwarming. You know that the author and the illustrator and the book’s publishing team put a lot of love and respect into bringing this story to readers. From the moment you see the opening end papers, a forest and pasture ablaze with fall color, until you discover the closing end [...]

William Steig and Transmogrification

Doctor De Soto

Jackie: After Phyllis and I read Amos and Boris for our last month’s article on boats we both wondered why we hadn’t looked at the work of William Steig. He so often executes that very satisfying combination of humor and heart. Steig’s language is funny but his stories regularly involve worrisome separation and then return to [...]