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Turn Left at the Cow Bookstorm Spring books Melissa Sweet Interview Skinny Dip with Eric Rohmann Carolyn Kirio, Kapolei Middle School Candice Ransom Skinny Dip with Bobbi Miller Red Reading Boots The Odious Ogre

Bookstorm™: Turn Left at the Cow

Turn Left at the Cow

  Who doesn’t love a mystery? Whether your find them intriguing puzzles or can’t-wait-to-know-the-solution page-turners, a good mystery is engrossing and a little tense. Throw in a little humor, a detailed setting, and well-drawn characters and you have a book you can confidently hand to young readers who are already hooked on the genre and those [...]

Spring, Where Are You?

Boy Who Didn't Believe in Spring

Phyllis: Each year, as soon as the snow melts, I’m eager to go search for native wildflowers. Two of the earliest flowers bloom in two different protected places a car ride away. And every year, I go too early—either the ephemeral snow trilliums aren’t even up yet or the pasque flowers are still such tiny, [...]

Melissa Sweet

Melissa Sweet

In this interview with Melissa Sweet, illustrator of A River of Words: The Story of William Carlos Williams, our Bookstorm™ this month, we asked six questions and Melissa kindly took time from her busy days of visiting schools and creating art. Do you recall the first time you encountered a William Carlos Williams poem? My first introduction to William [...]

Skinny Dip with Eric Rohmann

Eric Rohmann

  Today we welcome author, illustrator, and Caldecott medalist Eric Rohmann to Bookology. He agreed to give us the skinny on several topics of vital importance. Which celebrity, living or not, do you wish would invite you to a coffee shop? Darwin, Newton, William Blake … and so many others I’ll need a big coffee shop. [...]

Middle Kingdom: Kapolei, Hawaii

Carolyn H. Kirio

The books that most delight middle school and junior high readers often straddle a “Middle Kingdom” ranging from upper middle grade to YA. Bookology columnist Lisa Bullard regularly visits the Middle Kingdom by viewing it through the eyes of a teacher or librarian. Bookology is delighted to celebrate the work of these educators who have [...]

Making a Deep Map

Author Candice Ransom

I like to think of landscape not as a fixed place but as a path that is unwinding before my eyes, under my feet. ~ Gretel Ehrlich Book projects get set aside, even those with fast beating hearts that you can’t bear to be away from for a second. Sickness, holidays, other stuff pushes it [...]

The Quest

Lisa Bullard

My one visit to Hawaii might best be defined by an afternoon quest. I was there to say goodbye to my cousin, who was coming to the end of her battle with cancer. I discovered she had developed a singular ambition: to find a pair of size 11 ruby slippers. She took great pleasure in [...]

The Odious Ogre

The Odious Ogre

I’m a big fan of Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster, illustrated by Jules Feiffer. I can remember reading it as a kid and thinking it both hilarious and clever. And I loved the words! So many words! So when the Juster-Feiffer team came out with The Odious Ogre a few years back, I leapt at [...]