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Writing Road Trip | Writing around Roadblocks | Lisa Bullard Knock Knock Virginia Euwer Wolff Skinny Dip Janet Taylor Lisle Lynne Jonell's Page Break Books are the best gifts Red Riding Boots Wish Science Encyclopedia Reading Ahead - How Things Work Charles Ghigna Interview

Writing around Roadblocks

Lisa Bullard

I’ve tried to create a stimulating atmosphere in my home office. Works of art by the illustrators of my picture books adorn the walls. I have a Rainbow Maker in the window. There are blooming plants and inspiring sayings and a basket of toys to play with. There are birds chirping outside the window (even [...]

In Draft

“He was always chasing the next draft of himself.”  American critic Dwight Garner, in the New York Times Book Review on February 16 of this year, was describing the childhood of Henry James. An expandable list comes to mind, some of our memorable figures moving toward the next draft of themselves: Anne Shirley, Holden Caulfield, [...]

Skinny Dip with Janet Taylor Lisle

Janet Taylor Lisle

For this interview, we chat with Janet Taylor Lisle, Newbery Honor-winning author of Afternoon of the Elves, the Scott O’Dell Award-winning The Art of Keeping Cool, and the thriller Black Duck, along with many other reader favorites. Which celebrity, living or not, do you wish would invite you to a coffee shop? I’m quite sure Emily Dickinson, [...]

The Contract, It Arrives!!

Lynne Jonell

In which the author Lynne Jonell contemplates the real meaning of a contract to write and complete a book.

Essential Holiday Giving: Books

Before Morning

Hands down, there is no better gift for holidays or birthdays than a book. You can find a book to suit every interest, every taste, and your budget. You can always feel good about giving a book (unless you’re giving a gift to someone who lives in a Tiny House … ask first).  Here’s my [...]


I did not grow up in the south, but my parents did, so I like to claim a little southern heritage. When my kids were younger, I loved reading them books set in the south—willing into their souls the humidity, barbecue, iced tea with lemon, and accents that have the rhythm of rocking chairs found [...]

Feeding the Naturally Curious Brain

Science Encyclopedia

“You’ll discover mouthless worms and walking ferns … ” (pg. 13) And with those words, I’m charged up for the hunt. Along the way, I can’t help being distracted by a satisfying amount of irresistible information in National Geographic’s Science Encyclopedia. If you learn best visually, there is a surfeit of images to stimulate a [...]

Irresistible Reading: How Things Work

How Things Work

Now, if that Science Encyclopedia wasn’t cool enough, here’s another sure-fire hit for kids who love to read facts, true stories, and know how things work. In fact, the book is called How Things Work and it’s another powerhouse from National Geographic. As the book admonishes, “PUT THIS BOOK DOWN NOW. It’s dangerous. It might [...]

Charles Ghigna, Champion of Poetry

Charles Ghigna

Our thanks to author and poet Charles Ghigna (GEEN-yuh) for taking time out from his writing, school visits, and conference tours to answer these questions which have been knock-knock-knockin’ on my brain since I first began reading his many books of poetry and, now, a nonfiction book about fascinating animals!   Do you remember when you [...]

Skinny Dip with Ed Spicer

Ed Spicer

For this interview, we visit with Ed Spicer, educator, author, curriculum guide writer, and ALA committee member many times over. Which celebrity, living or not, do you wish would invite you to a coffee shop? I would love to spend some time in a confidential, friendly chat with Michelle Obama. Which book do you find [...]

Driving Miss Daisy

Lisa Bullard

When I was a kid, one of my neighborhood gang’s favorite summer games was to “play chauffeur.” We’d jump on our bikes and gather for shoptalk at chauffeur headquarters (a.k.a. the middle of our quiet side street). Then we’d race off in different directions to pick up members of the enviably wealthy and pampered (yet [...]