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Pop-up Books

Our household’s fascination with pop-up books came as a surprise to me. As a child I didn’t like them much. We had a few—one was Sleeping Beauty, I think. But they popped with boring modesty and they always had these tabs that you pulled to make things move, only my brother pulled them too hard [...]

Skinny Dip with Mike Wohnoutka

Mike Wohnoutka

We interviewed Mike Wohnoutka, children’s book illustrator, widely known for his books Dad’s First Day, Moo!, and Little Puppy and the Big Green Monster. (Mike’s last name is pronounced wuh-noot-kuh.) Which book do you find yourself recommending passionately? Picture books in general. I often hear parents say their children are too old for picture books. Recently a [...]

Isn’t It Time to Listen to the Teachers?

Recent headlines are sounding the alarm: More Minnesota teachers leaving jobs, new state report shows One-fourth of new teachers leave within first three years, according to a new state report.  The statewide teacher shortage described as an “epidemic” has Minnesota school districts searching for strategies that will increase teacher retention. A February, 2017, Star Tribune [...]

Guess What’s in My Glove Compartment?

Lisa Bullard

Let’s play a little game. I’ll tell you some things about the inside of my car, and you tell me what you can discern about me from those details.

What’s Best for the Story?

Lynne Jonell

Editing the first draft … there are some inconsistencies, for sure.

I’ve Been Enchanted

This is a rare admission from me because it’s about a book whose main characters are animals. I’ve stated before in this column that animal books have never been a favorite of mine, even as a child. Surely there are others of you out there who are too shy to admit the same thing? In [...]

Can’t You Sleep, Little Bear?

Once there were two bears. Big Bear and Little Bear. Big Bear is the big bear, and Little Bear is the little bear. They played all day in the bright sunlight. When night came, and the sun went down, Big Bear took Little Bear home to the Bear Cave…. There was a time—and it doesn’t [...]

Skinny Dip with April Whatley Bedford

April Whatley Bedford

We interviewed April Whatley Bedford, lifelong reader, currently the Dean of the School of Education at Brooklyn College. Which celebrity, living or not, do you wish would invite you to a coffee shop? Can I choose two? I would love to have coffee with Michelle and Barack Obama, either together or individually. I’m sure I’m not [...]

Seeing the Signs

Lisa Bullard

Fast food signs taught my twin nephews to read when they were only two.

Miles to Go

Lynne Jonell

Yep, I’ve completed the FIRST DRAFT, but the book isn’t done YET; there are miles to go before I sleep.

Our Hearts Will Hold Us Up

More, More, More Said the Baby

Jackie: It seems perfectly appropriate that the Manager of Holiday Placement  has placed Valentine’s Day, a day to celebrate love and affection, right in the middle of cold, dark February. I want that celebration to spread out for the whole month (why not the whole year?) the way the smell of baking bread fills an [...]

Books for Solace and Comfort

Salting the Ocean

With reports from educators that students are in a heightened state of anxiety, we put out the call for recommendations for books that would offer comfort and solace within the age range of ages three to twelve. Do you have a book in mind? Send us your recommendation(s). We’ll keep adding to this list, so you [...]

Merna Ann Hecht and Our Table of Memories

Merna Ann Hecht

When one poet, Merna Ann Hecht, and one educator, Carrie Stradley, observed their community, their schools, their students, and realized that a plethora of life experiences surrounded them, they put their teaching and their hearts together to create The Stories of Arrival: Refugee and Immigrant Youth Voices Poetry Project at Foster High School, in Tukwila, [...]