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Winding Oak's Bookology Magazine

Knock Knock

Heather Vogel Frederick

Laughing All the Way

I finished reading The Road to Little Dribbling over a week ago, and I’m still laughing. I’m a sucker for a funny story, and Bill Bryson has provided me with a steady stream of them since I first discovered him in Granta magazine back in the ’80s. I couldn’t get enough of his wisecracking tales […]

Melissa Stewart

Look at how we’re teaching nonfiction!

As another school year winds to a close, I’m feeling encouraged about the state of nonfiction reading and writing in elementary classrooms across the country. In 2010, when the Common Core State Standards were introduced, educators began asking me for ideas and strategies for implementing the Reading Informational Text standards. And they were hungry for […]


Wolf Sighting

It is not often that I get a call such as I just did. The call came Larry McCoy, who holds a doctorate in theology, and teaches philosophy at the Steamboat, Colorado Community College. He also builds log houses and has a dog named “Helen.” That’s the way folks are here in Routt County.  He […]

Liza Ketchum

La Escuela Primaria: A Visit to Cuba

This past February, my husband and I traveled to Cuba on an eleven-day tour. Near the end of the trip, we drove from the central city of Camagüey to visit a ranch. After a two-hour drive, our bus bounced down a long dirt road and passed under a wooden sign that resembled a gate in […]

Author Candice Ransom

Making a Deep Map

I like to think of landscape not as a fixed place but as a path that is unwinding before my eyes, under my feet. ~ Gretel Ehrlich Book projects get set aside, even those with fast beating hearts that you can’t bear to be away from for a second. Sickness, holidays, other stuff pushes it […]

Mary Casanova

Unexpected Visitors

As writers, we learn to expect the unexpected and be ready to capture experiences in words. One such moment stands out from this past winter for me. My husband and I were sleeping in our cabin loft, on 60 acres where we keep our horses. I woke at 3 am to crunching snow below our […]


Molting Advice

Level 1 books teem with action. Illustrations match the narrative. If the reader has trouble decoding the text, the art provides necessary cues.

Lisa Bullard

Lisa Bullard: My Not-So-Overnight Success

Early on, when people would ask my kid self what I wanted to be when I grew up, I’d answer “Shoe Salesperson.” But then I discovered that feet sometimes smell, and I moved on to a different dream: Book Writer. I could invent a great story and tell you that I crafted a long-term plan […]

Lynne Jonell

Lynne Jonell: Accessing Childhood Emotion

They say that, if you’re a doctor, it’s not something you want to admit to at an event where you’re going to have to make small talk with a lot of strangers. Because invariably people will want your opinion on their rash, or the funny flutter in their chest, or the odd bump on their […]


At the Dying of the Year

by Virginia Euwer Wolff Now winter downs the dying of the year, And night is all a settlement of snow…  —Richard Wilbur, “Year’s End”   We all have our circles of particularly mourned lost ones. As our hemisphere darkens down in this elegiac season of the winter equinox, and death has been so relentlessly in the […]


Mary Casanova: Cultivating Quiet

by Mary Casanova Eudora Welty wrote in One-Writer’s Beginnings: “Long before I wrote stories, I listened for stories.” The more I write, the more I find that writing is about listening to stories that need to be told. Listening at a deeply intuitive level, however, demands shutting out a frenetic world in favor of a […]


The Power of Fiction to Help Kids Grow

by Elizabeth Fixmer The years I spent in private practice as a psychotherapist specializing in work with children propelled me to become a children’s writer. My use of books as a therapy adjunct evolved over time, as did my respect and eventual awe for the power of fiction as a change agent. My young clients […]


Marion Dane Bauer: Animals in Stories, Animals in the World

by Marion Dane Bauer Who doesn’t love a puppy? Well, admittedly there are some folks who don’t, especially considering how difficult both ends of such creatures are to keep under control. So let’s rephrase the question: Who doesn’t love a puppy in a children’s story? Or even a frog or a toad, for that matter? […]


Jen Bryant: The Writing Apprenticeship

by Jen Bryant Several months ago, I was asked to be on a panel for a new-writers workshop. During the question and answer period, one woman commented: “I keep hearing that writing is a craft that requires time and practice to master. I get that . . . but as someone who’s eager to be […]