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School Desegregation in Children’s Literature

by The Bookologist

In this month’s “From the Editor,” Marsha Qualey share’s scholar Rudine Sims Bishop’s observation that while there are many nonfiction books for children and YAs about the civil rights events of the 1950s, not too many authors have tackled the topics in fiction. One exception might be school desegregation/integration,which is the focus of this month’s timeline. We’ve included one of the first books to deal with desegregation after Brown vs. The Board of Education (1954), a few from the boundary-pushing era of “problem novels,” and some recent titles, which are of course also problem novels (what novel isn’t!) but with flashier covers. 

Oh–and one picture book. Enjoy.




Turtles in Children’s Literature

Our Bookstormbook, The Shadow Hero, is the origin story of a superhero, The Green Turtle. While this character is not an actual chelonian—though that would be an awesome super hero—there are many turtles and tortoises in children’s literature. Some might even be, technically, terrapins. Here are some notables.



The World in Birdy’s Time, 1290 AD

The year of Birdy’s story in Catherine, Called Birdy is more than 700 years ago. It might be hard for us to imagine what it was like to live then, before technology and planes and even the printing press! Reading the book gives us an opportunity to put ourselves into that world and time. Here’s what was going on throughout Birdy’s world to help us place the book within its reference points. We know you’ll enjoy the book … and learning more about history.

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Horse Stories in Children’s Literature

Leroy Ninker Saddles Up rides on the withers of a great many previous books. A timeline is only an at-a-glance historical survey, of course; still, we created this one to highlight some of the seminal books in a long history of horse stories. 

Horse Story Timeline