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Skinny Dip with John Coy

7_15HoopWhat animal are you most like?

I have a strong love for the Graywolf.

Which book of yours was the most difficult to write or illustrate?

All the ones that have not yet found a publisher.

Which of your books would make a good movie and who would be the star?

Lots of students think Crackback would. I’d be happy with any star.

What’s your favorite line from a book?

“Go, Dog. Go!”

What book do you tell everyone to read?

The Watson go to Birmingham—1963

Are you a night owl or an early bird?

I used to be a night owl. Now I’m much more of an early bird.

Were you most likely to visit the school office to deliver attendance/get supplies, visit the nurse, or meet with the principal?

I hardly ever visited the school office for any of these reasons. Our elementary school was so small we didn’t even have a regular nurse. We hardly ever saw the principal and we had no lunch at school. We all walked home every day for lunch. And the idea of being too cold to go outside for recess hadn’t been invented yet.



Free, Playful, and Courageous

Call me crazy, but my family knows very well that traveling to a new city means visiting one site in particular: the library. It’s best if we have time to go inside. I like to see the walls, the signage, the special rooms. I look to see how the books are arranged, not only Dewey […]


Summer isn’t over yet, the next part …

For older readers, grades four through seven, there are great series choices. How many books do a series make? I’m thinking three or more—I have no idea if there’s an official classification. In July, I heard three excellent speakers on children’s literature, Anita Silvey, Judy Freeman, and Barbara Swanson Sanders. They couldn’t get their book […]


Bank Street’s 2010 Choices

We eagerly await the annual list of books chosen by the Bank Street College of Education as books that work well with children from birth to age 14. Each year, the Children’s Book Committee reviews over 6000 titles each year for accuracy and literary quality and considers their emotional impact on children. It chooses the […]


Monday Morning Round-Up

From Wendell Minor comes this news (applause, please),  “It′s official: the original art from Look to the Stars will be included in the permanent collection of The New Britain Museum of American Art, and the original art from Abraham Lincoln Comes Home will be included in the permanent collection of The Norman Rockwell Museum. Watch […]


Baseball Crazy

Yup. I admit it. I am baseball crazy. I have been since my mom took me to games at Metropolitan Stadium in Bloomington, Minnesota, to see the newly arrived Minnesota Twins. And this year the Twins have outdoor baseball for the first time since 1982. It’s no wonder “baseball awareness” is heightened at this time […]