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Page Break

Lynne Jonell

Revisions Part 5

In revi­sions, Lynne Jonell explores the serendip­i­ty of fol­low­ing her edi­tor’s sug­ges­tion, even though she want­ed to resist.

Lynne Jonell

Big Surprise!

Ear­ly in my career, once I got the revi­sion let­ter, it would take me 3 MONTHS to move from fury to con­fu­sion to hope (and, final­ly, to revi­sion).

Lynne Jonell

Revision Letter

At long last, the revi­sion let­ter arrives! Lynne Jonell reflects on this part of the pub­li­ca­tion process.

Lynne Jonell


After a sum­mer hia­tus, author and illus­tra­tor Lynne Jonell is back with Page Break and she’s con­tem­plat­ing road­blocks.

Lynne Jonell

Miles to Go

Yep, I’ve com­plet­ed the FIRST DRAFT, but the book isn’t done YET; there are miles to go before I sleep.

Lynne Jonell


The book is chug­ging along. Some­thing hap­pens when I get close to the end …