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Page Break

Lynne Jonell

Big and Blank

Begin­ning a new chap­ter. The page is BIG and BLANK. I know where my char­ac­ters are but I don’t have the faintest idea what is going to hap­pen next.

Lynne Jonell

The Weasel Whisperer

Some writ­ers have a muse. What is not so com­mon­ly known is that all writ­ers have an anti-muse. I call mine “The Weasel.”

Lynne Jonell

A Bit of Noise

I real­ly do like the cof­fee shop for writ­ing. That lit­tle bit of noise and move­ment takes up just a lit­tle of my atten­tion …

Lynne Jonell

Bluetooth Guy

In which our mild-man­nered hero­ine is pit­ted against the dread­ed cof­fee shop Blue­tooth Guy…