Tracy Sue Walker

This month we wel­come Tra­cy Sue Walk­er, author, pub­lic librar­i­an, and pro­fes­sion­al storyteller.

She’s recent­ly been reveal­ing “the truth about” a series of mys­ti­cal crea­tures, so far includ­ing drag­ons, Big­foot, and uni­corns, for Scholas­tic Book Clubs.

Tra­cy describes her­self this way, “A booklover, day­dream­er, and goof­ball, I’m pret­ty qui­et unless I’m telling a sto­ry, then I’m pret­ty loud.” Let’s see how she answered our Skin­ny Dip questions.

Tra­cy Sue Walker

One green thing I wish every­one would do: 

Turn the lights off when leav­ing a room. It helps, and it’s so easy — the flick of a switch.

The Tale of Despereaux by Kate DiCamilloThe book I wish every­one would read: 

The Tale of Des­pereaux by Kate DiCamillo

What keeps me up at night: 

Every­thing — a nat­ur­al-born wor­ri­er, I am!

One thing no one can do bet­ter than I can: 

Wor­ry! (Please see num­ber 3) 😊

One habit I keep try­ing to break: 

Chew­ing on my pen­cils. There’s some­thing so sat­is­fy­ing about sink­ing my teeth into a good Ticon­dero­ga yel­low no.  1 extra soft lead pen­cil.  All my pen­cils have teeth marks, sadly…

If I could say one thing to my twen­ty-years-younger self, it would be: 

It’s not a sprint.  It’s a marathon.  And don’t for­get to breathe once in a while.

What’s on my nightstand: 

Books! All in var­i­ous stages of being read.

My hero is: 

Any­one who helps improve a child’s life. Whether it’s intro­duc­ing them to good books, pro­vid­ing relief for food inse­cu­ri­ty, or sim­ply being there to lis­ten — heroes!

I wish I could tell my 12-year-old self: 

Start jour­nal­ing! Write down thoughts, feel­ings, wor­ries, observations…

Misery by Stephen KingThe scari­est book I’ve ever read: 

Mis­ery by Stephen King

I yearn to: 

Trav­el and see more of the world — espe­cial­ly places of nat­ur­al wonder.

The food I can’t resist: 

Olives! Salty, briny bites of heaven!

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